Introducing Our Remote Fitness Coaching Package
Personalized training & nutrition programs, customized to you & delivered via the TrueCoach app by professional trainer James Barber.

Take your training & nutrition further with remote fitness coaching services from James Barber. The perfect solution in these days of social distancing & closed gyms.

Don’t let the distance between you and your coach stop you from reaching your goals! 

With advancements in technology, remote training has become easier than ever. 

Whether you are looking for extra guidance on improving your overall fitness and health, or preparing for competition, sport, crossfit, remote coaching gives you quality coaching WHEREVER and WHENEVER you train. 

Training is 100% catered toward you and your goals, all delivered right to your device via the True Coach App!


Pick the package that meets your needs, and select your membership level. James has a multitude of experience developing online training programs and coaching his clients online. 

Fitness & Performance

Looking for a fun, goal oriented, and motivating fitness routine? This personalized remote coaching program is for ALL ages, fitness levels, and abilities. We work with your individual needs and develop a weekly program that suits your lifestyle, fitness, and athletic aspirations. Enjoy having the comfort of working with an experienced coach who has trained individuals across the spectrum, including adults, older adults, youth, and competitive athletes!

Athletic Preparation​

Want to gain an edge on your competition? Are you willing to put in the extra work but just need some guidance? As a certified strength and conditioning specialist for over 12 years, James has helped athletes of all sports prepare for their competitive seasons. After an analysis of your sport needs and a quick look at your current level of training and health history, James delivers a program aimed to attack your weakness and gaps in your current training. This program is perfect for high school or college athletes in the off season where they can get a step ahead building their strength and engine.

CrossFit Coaching

James has years of experience training competitive athletes in CrossFit. James has personally coached multiple CrossFit Games Masters Athletes, including Jacqueline Janet (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and Monique Londeree (2018). James applies his knowledge of exercise science and an instructor to the complex training of CrossFitters including energy systems development, speed and strength periodization, olympic lifting mechanics, and the fundamentals of gymnastics.

About James Barber

Professional Training You Can Trust

James Barber has been helping individuals reach their fitness, health, and athletic goals for over 15 years. With training experience working with the general public, healthcare industry, youth, high school, college and CrossFit Games athletes,  James has a unique skill set to cater effective training programs to the masses.

James, who holds a master’s degree and teaches college courses in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology, trains his clients with a specialized approach with a heightened focus on learning how to optimize movement. 

While there are a lot of trainers in the industry with the knowledge needed to train individuals at a base level, working with James will help you rediscover your true potential!

Certifications & Experience

  • M.S. in Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology 
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist- NSCA
  • Certified Mobility Specialist- Functional Range Conditioning
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • USAW Club Coach
  • CrossFit Level


Weekly check ins & training days delivered via the TrueCoach App. Once you sign up, we will send a link to download the app. 


$ 199 / month
  • * 3-5 Personalized Training Sessions/week (60 min. sessions).
  • * Weekly Training Feedback via True Coach App
  • * 20 Minute Video Check In 2x MONTH
  • * Nutritional Coaching Not Included


$ 239 / month
  • * 3-5 Personalized Training Sessions/week (90 minute sessions)
  • * Weekly Training Feedback via True Coach App
  • * Weekly 20 Minute Video Check in
  • * Monthly Nutrition Assessment


$ 349 / month
  • * 3-5 Personalized Training Sessions/week (90 minute sessions)
  • * Weekly Training Feedback via True Coach App
  • * Weekly 20 Minute Video Check in
  • * Weekly Nutritional Coaching and Macro Tracking

Online Training PROGRAMS

These stand alone programs do not include training or nutrition consulting. 

6 Week Endurance Builder

$ 35.00

This progressive, 6-Week endurance program aims to help individuals develop stamina and aerobic capacity using tempo efforts, intervals, cross training, and supplemental strength accessory work. Whether you are looking to improve endurance for 2k-10k distances, triathlons, general fitness, or supplement your sport, this program is for you. Guiding coaching on this program, (ie. feedback on pacing/heart rate zones, and to better fit your current goals and equipment availability), is available at an additional cost.

6 Week Speed and Agility Developer

$ 35.00

The goal of this progressive 6-week program is to build speed, power, and agility for athletes in preparation for sport. James utilizes his years of experience teaching proper running mechanics, including max velocity,  acceleration, plyometrics, and multi directional training in his program. If you are an athlete looking to get an edge on your competition or looking to maintain your speed and athleticism, sign up! Guiding coaching on this program is available at an additional cost.

8 Week Olympic Lifting Cycle

$ 35.00

As a USAW Level 1 coach and weightlifting athlete, James has worked with athletes in preparation for weightlifting meets. Training programs are percentage and learning based and progress from week to week. Guiding coaching on this program is available at an additional cost.


Let us know where you are and where you want to go.


The 30 minute consultation helps James develop your training plan


Your training sessions are delivered directly to your device


Put in the work, and get critical coaching support along your journey