• James Barber M.S., C.S.C.S., FRC, PN, CrossFit Level 1

Personal Training

We all have a human body. 

Every human, regardless of their preference for fitness and physical activity, deserves a body that will allow them to perform optimally. 

Whether your goals are to improve your level of fitness, performance in sport, efficiency at your workplace, or simply be fit enough to play with your kids and/or grandkids, personal training sessions provided by James Barber will cater to your needs.

At Barber Functional Training, James offers an array of onsite personalized, group, and team training services.

1 ON 1 Training

Typical sessions are an hour in length, private, and are catered 100% to the client. The training focus will be determined after a consultation and pre-assessment of goals and current level of functional movement is completed. After an initial consultation, the client works with James on an array of fitness, health, or sport related goals. See below for examples of Training Tiers you might fall into.

With the advancements in technology and ease of communication, remote personal training has become a convenient alternative for those that desire to work with a trusted trainer but either live too far for 1:1 or simply want personal guidance in the training setting (gym/studio) they are currently in. James has years of experience designing and implementing online training programs and nutrition guidance for his clients. Whether you are working towards preparing for a race, competition, sports, crossfit, or just trying to improve your overall fitness and want the opportunity to work 1:1, then the remote coaching program is for you! Whatever your goals are, we work with you to get you there. There are several training packages for remote coaching varying from 1 month at a time, 6 months, and 1 year. Like training with a team/squad? Grab a group of up to 3 buddies and join the remote TEAM online training.

-Individual and team sport strength and conditioning training.

-Preparation for powerlifting and olympic weightlifting meets.

-Energy Systems Training (Conditioning) for long, middle and short distance races as well as individual and team sport specific training.

-Functional Mobility and Stability exercise prescription for pre and post rehabilitation

-Speed and Agility Training

-CrossFit Open, Sanctionals, and Games Preparation

During remote coaching, you and/or the team meet with James once a week to go over the program and address how the training is going. James is there to help guide you through the exercises and is there to answer any questions you may have.

James has several digital platforms (APPS) that he uses to deliver and connect with the clients on their programs:

True Coach

Beyond The Whiteboard

My Fitness Pal

  • Single Private Training Session: $90/hour
  • Private Training Packages: 6 sessions ($510 @$85/hour), 10 sessions ($800 @$80/hour)

Monthly Personalized Programming

Personalized programming is to help guide clients to reach their athletic, fitness, and/or health goals through customized exercise prescription. Whether you are a competitive athlete, CrossFitter, or simply looking for extra guidance on improving areas of your fitness or health, the personalized programming does the thinking for you. Every four weeks, athlete’s check-in with James Barber to go over program goals, address any questions or programming adjustments. Programming is delivered via the True Coach App, the day before training. Programming consists of 5 training days per week which includes: strength, metabolic conditioning, and optional accessories.

  • $190/month (4 Full Training Weeks)
  • With coaching pack: $270/month
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