Nutritional Coaching

Believe it or not, the quickest and most effective way to see lasting results in your health and performance is by having quality and nutrient-dense nutrition each day.
That being said, nutrition seems to be the most challenging thing to change.
There are three reasons for this: 
1.) Most people are confused by the research on what is “healthy”.
2.) The viscous ups and down cycle of short term “dieting”.
3.) Most people think eating healthy is too complex or hard or have no idea where to start.  
I’m here to tell you that it is more simple than you might think to make the health and body you desire. 
At BTS, Nutritional Coaching is a service offered for those seeking for a health boost nutritionally and uses an individualized, long term, behavioral change approach.
James Barber is a Precision Nutrition Coach who specializes in improving body composition, health and wellness, and sports nutrition. The coaching revolves around the following:
Accountability – The truest value of this service is the connection with your coach and accountability you have with that coach. Having someone always in your corner, through the ups and downs, is the biggest anchor for you in this journey. 
Learning – The coach will not simply give you macros to stick with every day. You will be sent mini assignments and homework to work on each week. It is our mission to help you better understand the simplicity of healthy eating by sifting through the confusion on nutritional research and come up with a plan for you. 
Flexibility – While there is accountability, you are free to eat what you want and have control over your intake. The progressive nutritional “homework” that the coach gives you are tools to help you improve with the long term, big picture in mind. We understand that having flexibility with respect to schedule, access, and preparation is important. 

Fitness – This program is not only for fat loss, no matter what you goals are we can create a plan for you whether its to lose fat, gain muscle, or increase performance.