• Single Private Training Session: $90/hour
  • Private Training Packages: 6 sessions ($510 @$85/hour), 10 sessions ($800 @$80/hour)
  • Small Group Training Single Session (2-5 people): $120/hour
  • Group Training Packages: 6 Sessions ($600@$100/hour), 10 sessions ($900@$90/hour)
  • Sports Team Training (6+ Athletes): $150/hour

Personalized programming is to help guide clients to reach their athletic, fitness, and/or health goals through customized exercise prescription. Whether you are a competitive athlete, CrossFitter, or simply looking for extra guidance on improving areas of your fitness or health, the personalized programming does the thinking for you. Every four weeks, athlete’s check-in with James Barber to go over program goals, address any questions or programming adjustments. Programming is delivered via the True Coach App, the day before training. Programming consists of 5 training days per week which includes: strength, metabolic conditioning, and optional accessories.

  • $190/month (4 Full Training Weeks)
  • With coaching pack: $270/month
  • Single Nutritional Assessment & Analysis $90/hour 
  • Same packages as personal training sessions (3 month commitment $510 2 sessions/month)
  • Combo Personal Training Session + 15 Minute Nutritional Assessment: $110/Session
  • Athlete Coaching Pack: $270.00/month

This pack includes everything in Personalized Programming but also gives the client opportunities for extra coaching. Each month, athletes can choose either one 60-minute private training session scheduled within the given month, or an hour video session/chat.

  • Functional Movement Analysis: $100
  • V02 max and ventilatory threshold assessment and analysis: $100
  • Body Composition Assessment and analysis (Hydrostatic, Skinfold, BIA): $100

*Current clients on packaged sessions or those on personalized programming receive $15 off any additional service.